Raise Your Vision: Discipline is to Focus on Things Essential

Today we talk about the third key to achieving your DESIRES. You must remember that in order to achieve REAL DESIRE in life you must practice all three of these principles. They are intertwined and open doors of success and happiness and true joy when all three are used together. The third and final key is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is defined by google as, “The practice of training to obey rules or a code of behavior. To train oneself in a controlled and habitual way.” In life we are governed by principles and laws that are eternal. If we DISCIPLINE ourselves to not only learn and know those principles but apply and live by them, then we will realize our DESIRES.

Real power, FAITH, is a gift received based on our own personal DISCIPLINE. This power is always given when DISCIPLINE is present and the greater the measure of DISCIPLINE in our lives, the greater will be the endowment of this power to realize our DESIRES.

Distraction is our biggest obstacle and downfall. Too often we fill life “good things” so that there is no room for the “essential things.” We spend too much time on things that matter to expense of things that matter most. Be careful to not get caught in that trap. To realize your REAL DESIRES you much have the DISCIPLINE to focus on the things that are essential. They become your priorities. It is not that we will not make mistakes. We will! But the quicker we recognize our errors and correct them, the more apt we will be in realizing our DESIRES. Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “Moments are the molecules that make up eternity! It is not so much the major events as the small day-to-day decisions that map the course of our living...our lives are, in reality, the sum total of our seemingly unimportant decisions and of our capacity (personal discipline)to live by those decisions.”

Remember that sacrifice often accompanies DISCIPLINE. It was the sacrifice and personal DISCIPLINE that allowed the Widow of Zarephath, found in 1 Kings 17, to never lack again. It was the personal DISCIPLINE of Naaman, found in 2 Kings 5, that allowed him to be healed only after being exact in washing 7 times in the river Jordan. The DISCIPLINE the Jews had to put the sacrificial blood above the door caused that the destroying angel passed, and the DISCIPLINE of Noah to build the arc even when there had been no rain.

Jerry Rice (arguably one of the greatest NFL receivers of all time) said, “Today I will do what others won’t (DISCIPLINE), so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” What are you doing today? There is a danger in the word someday when it’s not this day! Have the DISCIPLINE to start now! Today!

To illustrate the power of DISCIPLINE I leave you with the story The Choice. Remember we have the ability to choose and in the end we are a sum total of the daily choices we make and the DISCIPLINE in choosing the most essential things in our lives to realize our DESIRES.

A wealthy man, approaching death, summoned his twin sons. He told them he wanted them to experience the same richness of life that he’d experienced in his time on earth. He explained he couldn’t give them the world as he’d like to. Instead was leaving them both a gift.

He gave them each a wallet to finance their adventures. And what went into the wallet was their choice. In one hand he grasped one million dollars in cash. And in his other hand he held a shiny new penny.

Both sons were offered the same choice: a million dollars in cash, or a single penny. Whatever their choice they had to leave the money in their wallet. It would remain under the care of his butler, for one full month. Anything they didn’t take would be returned to his estate and left to charity.

If they chose to take the million dollars cash, they could draw against it as a credit with his bank. If they chose to take the penny, they could also draw against it. But each day its line of credit was untouched his butler was instructed to double the contents of the wallet, for as long as it was under his care.

The next morning, the second son leapt into action. He told his father his choice. Then he opened the million-dollar line of credit at his father’s bank. And he hired an executive director to help him execute his ambitious plan.

He rented a hotel suite. And for six days he interviewed, then hired a bunch of the sharpest market analysts, financial advisors, and investment experts available.

In the second week the group researched, brainstormed and drafted strategies to transform the second son’s million dollar windfall into a genuine fortune. And by the start of week 3, they were ready to turn the his million into billions.

A few days later, the second son decided to see what his brother was doing with his million.

To his utter disbelief he discovered that his brother had turned down the million and taken the penny instead, and this is what had happened…

The first son had been to see his father’s butler the following day, who showed him that his lone penny had been joined by another. On day three he saw four pennies. By day four there were eight. And by the end of the week he’d accrued 64cents. 

After two weeks he’d amassed $81.92, not enough to even buy a decent dinner for two at the hotel where his brother was based.

Now, just a few days into week three, the wallet had grown to $655.35, barely enough to sustain him for a week.

The second son couldn’t believe that his brother had chosen the penny. He told him that it wasn’t too late to visit their father and see if he’d let him change his mind.

Even if he only gave him half a million it would be better than scraping by on what he had now. But the first son wouldn’t hear of it.

Sadly that night, the father died peacefully in his sleep.

Toward the end of the month, the second son received some worrying news. His executive director informed him that the markets had gone soft. The team’s previous rosy projections would now have to be revised downward. He thanked him and waited anxiously for the next report.

On the morning of day 31, when the sons were due to visit the butler and finally receive their wallets, the executive director came back with his final report.

He started by saying the news was mixed, as some investments had performed quite well, but others had suffered. The good news was that the second son’s one million dollars had been transformed into nearly one and a half million. A 50% gain.

And the bad news? Well the team’s expenses, including commissions, taxes, broker fees, interest on the credit line, the bill for the hotel suite, and the executive director’s salary for the month, ended up at just over $1.75 million.

The second son was $250,000 in the red. Not only was he NOT rich, he actually owed a fortune.

In a panic he rushed over to his brother, and had an even larger shock. His brother’s wallet had accrued over $1M on day 28. On day 29, it reached the $2.5 million mark and by day 30, it had exceeded five million. Today, when the wallet was handed over by the butler, it contained a whopping $10,737,418.24.

We all have a choice. What is yours?  

My prayer is that each day we LiVE in DISCIPLINE to the eternal principles that allow us to realize our DESIRES.

Remember FAITH combined with WORKS and DISCIPLINE are the eternal principles that open the door to your REAL DESIRES!

Begin today!