Raise Your Vision: Work Ignites Faith

Are you realizing your desires? How was your faith this week? Did you visualize your perfect day? Did you practice visualization every night? Remember that while faith is the first of three keys to realizing your REAL DESIRES, faith is the beginning. As it says in James,

“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” [emphasis added]
(James 2:17 King James Version)

So like I had said, these three keys are interlinked. The second key is WORKS! And while changing your thoughts and beliefs is a real part of realizing your desires, it is only the beginning. Your works ignite your faith and set you on the path to realizing your desires.

So my invitation to you today is to ACT!

“Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” [emphasis added] (James 1:22 King James Version)

A famous Chinese proverb says:

“You hear and you forget,
You see and you remember,
You do and you understand.”

Are you acting or being acted upon? Remember I want you to think and act as though it were impossible to fail.

Some people confuse being busy with work. The principle of work that I am speaking of, to further unlock your REAL DESIRE, is planned, strategic and deliberate.

I want you to do things that you consider are greater than you! Set your vision high and expect more. There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. Leave the comfort zone and begin your journey to realizing your DESIRES.

To help illustrate the principle of WORK that I am speaking of today let me share a story about Jim, Frank, and George. 

Three brothers left the farm to work in the city, and all got jobs with the same company, starting out with the same pay. Five years later, one was receiving one thousand dollars a month, the second five thousand, and the third, ten thousand dollars a month.

Their father, hearing of these salaries, decided to visit his sons’ employer and find out why they were paid on what seemed to be such an unfair basis.

“I will let them explain for themselves,” said the employer, as he pressed a button under his desk. Jim, the lowest paid man of the three, answered.

“I understand the Oceanic has just docked,” said the employer. “Please go down there and get an inventory of her cargo.”

Three minutes later, Jim was in the office. “She carries a cargo of two thousand seal skins,” reported Jim. “I got the information from the first mate over the telephone.”

“Thank you, Jim,” said the employer, “that will be all.”

He pressed the button again, and Frank, the five thousand dollar man, came in.

“Frank, I wish you would go down to the dock and get an inventory of the Oceanic’s cargo.”

An hour later, Frank was back with a list showing that the Oceanic not only carried two thousand seal skins, but that she also had five hundred beaver and eleven hundred mink pelts.

The employer pressed the button the third time and George, the ten thousand dollar a month man, walked into the office. He was given the same instructions his brothers had received.

George did not return for three hours, and the office had closed for the day. But his father and his employer were waiting for him.

“The Oceanic carries two thousand seal skins,” he began. “They were offered at fifteen dollars each, and I took a tentative option on them, subject to your approval. I got a bid of twenty-one dollars for them for a prospect in St. Louis and have promised to wire him our reply in the morning. I also found five hundred beaver, which we normally do not handle, but since I had an inquiry for some, I bought and sold them at a profit of seven hundred dollars. There were eleven hundred mink pelts of excellent quality, but as you always handle the mink, I took no action on them.”

“That's fine, George,” said the employer. Then turning to the father, “See what I mean?”

- Albert L. Zobell, Jr.

The way you DO matters! Who in the story are you like and who will you be? Choose this day!

Show me your FAITH not only in how you think but in how you ACT! Show me your WORKS! Do something that you consider greater than you! Leave the zone of comfort. Watch this video to be inspired by some who know that it means to WORK!


Tim Farnes