We have the Secrets to your Results

Did you know that the biggest limitation on your success in the gym is how much you show up? I bet most of you are saying, “Well duh! If I don’t go to the gym, I won’t see results so that seems like a no brainer.” Well, I have another question then, what do you think creates compliance better than anything else? Nope, it isn’t a motivational video or post or podcast or music or even an attraction to the opposite sex. Any more guesses? It’s spending money. I know, bummer right? 

When you invest in your health via a new gym membership or a new coach or trainer, you are exponentially more likely to follow through with actions that will get you the results you seek. Sorry for this annoying truth. In fact, the more you spend, the more compliant most people become. It’s simple math right, if you put your money down, then you show up. If it’s cheap, if it’s inexpensive, you do the work, but only as long as it is convenient. When you invest something that is worth a lot of money, you show up because you are in fear of not seeing an investment on your return. Guess what? It turns out that supplementation plays a key role in this as well! 


Did you know that people who spend money on supplements don’t just show up to the gym more often but they also make better choices with the foods they consume? No joke, this has been studied. And no, it isn’t as simple as, “Well duh Adrian, these people were already the ones committed that is why they bought the supps in the first place!”. Nope, this data came from people who were just getting started on their fitness journey. They bought products that they knew or felt would accelerate their benefits of training and they showed up to the gym more often and ate better. Again, it comes back to the investment. As we start to invest in ourselves, it turns out we show up for ourselves as well! 

Of course as a Founder of this brand, I want you to purchase our products, duh. But it has never been where my intention ended. I came into the supplement space as a coach, and when I’m long gone from designing and selling products I’ll still be coaching people even when I can hardly move myself. I have a desire to see people rise to their best potential and what allows them to feel true satisfaction. I desire this for every one of our ambassadors and elite ambassadors. Was I pumped when I heard this info about supplements helping people be more compliant in the gym and in their life? You bet! But that was always the goal, our products are designed to help you be the best you and we felt like we could do it better than anyone else. 

We just made your ability to comply that much more fun! Recharge variety packs are our latest release (by ambassador demand) and you are going to love the chance to have 5 unique, delicious and nostalgic flavors in 1 container in the form of stick packs. Each bottle comes with 4 servings of 5 different flavors. In my opinion if an obstacle between you and being compliant in the gym is how you supplement, well then we just helped it get a lot easier to get excited for your next training session. 

Keep Rising.