Restore - Cricket Protein Blend

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The Most Sustainable Performance Protein Ever


Cricket protein requires 2,000x less water and land than traditional whey protein to produce. It requires 12x less feed and 100x less Greenhouse gases. Cricket protein also yields twice as much protein per ounce, has more calcium than milk, 9x more omega's than wild Salmon and more iron than spinach.

With more calcium than milk, 9x more omega's than wild salmon and more iron than spinach Cricket protein has the nutrient base your body will best utilize.


Cricket Protein yields 2x more protein per ounce than traditional whey protein. Packed with superior protein, cricket protein helps deliver optimal strength.


Combined with the quality nutrients and superior protein delivered by cricket protein, Restore helps aid in rapid recovery when used in conjunction with activity.


With 9x more omega's than wild salmon and more iron than spinach, Restore Cricket Protein is the optimal source when it comes to healthy proteins.

Sustainable Performance

Cricket protein is the most sustainable source of protein ever. Cricket protein contains 2x more protein per ounce than traditional proteins, and requires 2,000x less water and land. It's a super-protein with a purpose.

Superior Protein

Not only does Cricket protein deliver 2x more protein per ounce than traditional proteins it also contains a variety of essential omegas, iron and calcium.

Super Strength

With more calcium than milk, and far more calcium than other proteins, Cricket protein is an amazing source of high level protein. Superior protein leads to superior strength.

Crickets are the future. This guy knows it...

Restore Cricket Protein Blend. Everything you need to know.

Why do I need Restore Cricket Protein Blend?

The benefits of cricket protein are abound. Simply put, its a superior protein to traditional whey and a more sustainable source.

Where is your Restore Cricket Protein Blend made?

Made in the good 'ol USA of A, our cricket protein is sustainably sourced and produced.

"Super tasty. super yummy."


"If you've tried any other greens product and compared it to Rebalance greens its almost laughable how good these are. Wherever you're at in your fitness journey, greens are essential to total health."


"The right nutrition right off the bat to give me that edge to start training well and have the nutrients I need to support that"


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