2020 The Greatest Teacher


This word sums up what 2020 was personally and also as a society. We have all faced setbacks, losses, new insecurities, personal and family health scares and uncertainty. Even as we lead into 2021 we know that the date on the calendar won’t make this past year disappear or create automatic change or clarity or even “rest”. I know that while I’m not a big “new year, new me” advocate and yet I find myself ready for the calendar to change for this one. 



I’m not writing this to pump us up and say we will crush 2021 and that it will be the best year of our lives. Instead I’m writing this to encourage you to look back, remember, feel, reflect and learn. Mentally, emotionally, physically we must evolve. Just like we experience new norms in our societies (dependent upon the state you live in currently) we must be able to adapt in order to overcome whatever is being thrown our way. We cannot do this without first reflecting. As ugly as it may seem, take inventory on this year and truly connect with your feelings and emotions on government issued shut downs, losing loved ones, worrying about loved ones, losing a job, homeschooling your children, missing family engagements, working from home, not having enough toilet paper, not being able to invest into your retirement the way you normally do, losing your savings, not being able to invest in your fitness and health at the gym, losing a sense of community because you are constantly alone…...the list is endless, truly. It’s been hard, and to be honest it won’t all change overnight on December 31st. I know that you know that. I’m here to not be a “Debbie Downer” but to remind you that this is where greatness begins. This place of discomfort, loss and set back is where dreams begin to emerge and necessity/hunger to achieve can take over. I wanted to leave you with 5 of my very favorite quotes on “Adversity” to remind you that it can be our greatest tool and teacher. 


-The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work. -Harry Golden

-Success is 99 percent failure. -Soichiro Honda

-Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. -William Feather

-There is no education like adversity. -Disraeli

-Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them. -Maltbie Babcock


Don’t stop. Keep Rising! Let’s make 2020 the greatest year of all by being able to look back on how it changed us for the better.