Too many stimulants, too little sleep.


Caffeine is amazing. But it could really be hampering your gains. We are in a world that is so busy, so distracted and so motivated (not a bad thing), that we sometimes forget to consider our means of recovery. Sleep is truly our best friend when it comes to staying lean and being in an optimal state of performance in and outside of the gym. The downside to this is that 50% of gym goers train after 3PM in the afternoon. And of course, most of that PM population in the gym is coming in after work, so they need a good pre-workout to fuel their training session! I’m not disagreeing, but there are some serious things to consider. This could be hampering your gains. 



Recharge and Recharge+ are the best pre-workouts with stimulants on the market. They are not amazing because of their caffeine content, although they are both perfect for exactly the amount of physical and mental arousal you need for an amazing session. These products are great because of everything else they offer. 

  • Cordyceps: These powerful mushrooms have shown the ability to elevate many general health markers but specifically increase ones VO2 max ( your ability to uptake oxygen). 
  • Pump and Shred Complex: Includes L-Citrulline, Carnosyn, Beta alanine, and Amino Acids that help increase blood flow to focused areas and provide a rush of nutrients that aide in peak performance. 
  • L-Dopa: Boosts dopamine and increases your mood and testosterone levels which primes you for an amazing training session! 

These benefits coupled with the low carbohydrate content make this pre-workout great for anyone that has a desired outcome of increased fitness levels! But, they do have caffeine. And if you understand the importance of not just sleep, but quality sleep, then you understand you should be limiting the amount of pre-workout you use day to day in the PM hours. Most day’s at 2-3PM you should be cutting off all caffeine to ensure the perfect amount of restorative and regenerative rest at night. So, there lies the problem, what if you need a pre-workout to fuel your session but still don’t want the caffeine? Well this is why we designed Reinforce! 

Reinforce has every benefit that Recharge and Recharge+ offer us as athletes, but no caffeine. This means you have the perfect combination of nitric oxide boosting properties to increase your pump, decrease time needed for recovery between sets, boost your mood and testosterone levels (natural energy) without taking in access caffeine that may negatively impact your gains. The point of this write up isn’t to bash anyone taking caffeine into their bodies in the PM, but I do want to discourage you from doing it everyday. Mix it up and optimally rely on a pre-workout that doesn’t create such an “upper” effect that will lead to less quality sleep. We need our sleep to stay lean, gain muscle and chase our goals. We have a product for you to use in Reinforce and the perfect selection of options with caffeine in Recharge and Recharge+. We designed our pre-workout line this way to suit the needs of everyone out there no matter what time of day you train. 


If you didn’t consider this before, consider it moving forward. Training hard is important, but your lack of sleep each night will destroy your progress if it is a struggle. Be intentional with what you take and how you take it surrounding each session, understanding the impact long term, not just for the day! Keep rising!