Always Be Learning.

Always Be Learning

"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee

Always be learning. There are times in our life where we can be so overcome by our current circumstance that we have deaf ears. We could be in the middle of great success, terrible failure or even tragedy and allow our focus to become solely internal. When we are only worried about ourself and our current situation we are not opening up to the opportunities for growth around us. Keep your eyes, and ears open and be ready to allow it to help you wherever you are at and with whatever you are going through.

Like the Bruce Lee quote above, when you are in the state of digesting information you’ve got to know what to do with it. Not every teacher is a good one, and not every lesson will be of value. Take the information that you hear, meditate on it, decide what you can use from what’s presented and use it. You and I will never come to the exact same conclusion on any particular thing, we are different people. That alone is what makes this great, and what makes the above quote so powerful is the last portion. “Add what is specifically your own”, your experiences, your feelings, your thoughts, your visions, this is how you “own” a thought and make it yours.

Always be learning, take from any person around you lessons or teachings that you can apply to your life in order to improve the quality and trajectory of the journey, and make it your own.