Be a Blessing

I have a personal challenge to you today being that it is the peak of the holiday season. You don’t need to act on this request immediately, but the sooner is the better.

This time of year many people are surrounded by friends and family and have a great time of sharing, kindness, parties and build a ton of memories and experiences. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. Often those most lonely are the ones we’d least expect. I’m not saying through this motivational Monday we will change the world but maybe we can change a few peoples world’s. I want to challenge you to reach out to someone that you know, or to a complete stranger and find a way to encourage them. There are a million ways to show such a gesture. For someone it will be as simple as calling them and showing them gratitude for being there for you at another time in your life. Some people can send a text message telling someone they “love” them. Donating to a homeless shelter or preparing a meal for someone that doesn’t expect it is a way to also do this. The point is to love someone, share with someone and to serve someone during this season, and never mention a word about it to another soul. Do this because it is the right thing and because you know acts like this on a small scale will be what change the world. This person may be encouraged to do the same for someone else, the “pay it forward” method is a magic one and is very real.

The goal with this is to recognize that your life is a blessing and that your real purpose here to be that for someone else. This time of year can be very lonely and discouraging for those going through struggles and are only surrounded by or see others that seem to be at their “happiest.” Be blessing to someone by serving them or just showing them your attention which will echo as a symbol of simply “caring.”

Not everyone has the ability to rise up on their own, which is why we aim to rise together.

Have a Merry Christmas!