Build a new you: Rise 45


I’ve spent years in the fitness industry. Prior to starting FNX my passion was truly in coaching. I loved the engagement, interaction, the victories and the failures I got to experience on a day in and day out basis with my clients as they pursued their goals. I miss teaching movements, I miss seeing the progress and change as someone breaks through physical or mental barriers they never thought possible. I miss helping someone get back “on the horse” after missing weeks from the gym, and educating them that their time away isn’t what will define them. I miss talking about the importance of nutrition and sleep and how to make it a priority. Mostly I miss being an influence of long term change in someone's habits and ultimately the outlook on their life both inside and outside of the gym. I miss this aspect of my career.  And that is why we have created RISE45. As we have created the best products, built an amazing brand, and focused on growth through our first 3 years I think the time has come for us to challenge ourselves and our community. 


45 days is what it takes to build new habits. We created this program to help educate and inspire people to create changes in a healthy and sustainable way. Our goal is for progress. Day 45 isn’t the end of a challenge, it is the beginning of new habits that won’t just impact you but those in your life. This isn’t an “All in or All out” challenge, we know what happens with those. You muster up the hard work, the relentless sacrifices needed along with the discipline to meet the demands. But, what happens 10-20 days after the challenge concludes? The weight is back on, and you are back to your old habits because the ones you committed to for the challenge simply weren’t sustainable. I understand the attraction to challenges that seem larger than life, I enjoy them and I’ve also fallen victim to the cycle they can create. 



In Rise45 we put quantifiable markers to sleep, exercise, daily nutrition, hydration, mindfulness practices and supplementation so they can be tracked. We’ve even put a point range for each category. The idea here is to allow you to meet yourself where you are at. The program isn’t an all or none where you may earn 45 points (max points) one day and then a big “fail” or “0 points the next for not being 100% compliant. You may fall short in one category and crush another. The desire is to recognize the value in being better more consistently and it showing through the data that we track throughout the 45 days. We want you to desire more sleep, have more consistent and better training/exercise (training comes with the program), drink enough water, eat real food that takes you closer to your personal goals, take personal time to grow mentally/ spiritually, and supplement to meet the needs your diet may fall short. 

Rise45 is bigger than a personal journey and development. We have community to help create challenge and accountability. And we even have a pretty amazing incentive the pushes outside of your personal goals. If you sign up and buy in, you have a chance to $5,000 cash! And here is how. 

  1. We begin the journey with a declaration of what your personal goals are (lose weight, gain weight, lean out, get fitter).
  2. What kind of nutrition plan or template you hope to follow. (vegan, zone, macro’s, keto, Intermittent fasting…..etc.)
  3. Initial day 1 photo and final day 45 photo (Front, profile, back)
  4.  Self tracking for the 45 days on the measurables listed below. As you submit daily scores the leader board is created and you even get a chance to compare your scores to the consistency of others.
  5.  The ultimate winner will be selected based off of a combination of before and after photos and the data entry on their points. The photo’s never lie folks, so we trust that you won’t in your data entry! 
    1. Sleep
    2. Nutrition plan
    3. Hydration
    4. Exercise/training
    5. Mindfulness (daily)
    6. Supplementation 

Are you ready to create real change? Shed the holiday weight gain? Get back on track with your fitness journey? Start your journey for the first time? Or maybe you just need a reason to get fired up and get your butt in gear and $5,000.00 sounds like a good one? Get signed up today and get ready to Rise up!