Caffeine Your Gains Best Friend


The supplement industry has been under scrutiny for much of its existence and with good reason. Products must undergo testing and see adequate results in order for them to be trusted. Not only do products need to be trusted on the safety side but just as importantly we need to know if they are going to give us the results we seek! There is one product which has stood the test of time and endless tests and that is caffeine. 

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in cocoa, tea and coffee. Humans have been using this stuff as early as 2700 B.C., that’s a long time. Initially word traveled that an Ethiopian shepard saw how much energy it gave his flock and then humans decided to join in. We even saw it hit the market as a product in soft drinks back in 1800 and pure energy drinks shortly followed. We used caffeine primarily as a means to stave off fatigue or sleepiness at first but now we use it for so much more! I love a great cup of coffee in the morning or a serving of Restart to get me started with brain focus and energy. Aside from starting our day caffeine can be used to directly affect our performance in and outside of the gym. 

Pre-workout products are the ones that commonly dominate the markets and your pantry cabinets or gym bags. Everyone is seeking the energy and intensity needed to hit the gym and get the results they want and caffeine can do the trick! Evidence shows that 20-60 minutes prior to training and roughly 200-400mg of caffeine can get most athletes the training results they desire. Timing of caffeine is really dependent upon the individual however, some athletes like to drink it during training and some even prefer to “shoot” it just before they begin. The intake should differ from person to person and should always be introduced to someone on the low end and increased as tolerance adapts. That means that it is ok to start at a half scoop of our “Recharge+” if you are new to the caffeine game since it has about 300mg of caffeine per serving. Our traditional “Recharge” is designed to be at the moderate to lower range with 200mg of caffeine so anyone can feel comfortable with its stimulation and be able to do any kind of training ranging from long endurance efforts to HIIT and everything in between. 


If you are reading this article you may enjoy powerlifting, bodybuilding, marathon or triathlon training, CrossFit, HIIT classes at your local gym, or a combo of them all! We have a diverse range of training in the FNX fam, but no matter your passion caffeine can help you. Athletes of all backgrounds have been using caffeine and for good reason. Caffeine can bypass carb usage as energy allowing you to burn more fat which is great for endurance athletes and people wanting to lose stored body fat. Caffeine increases our epinephrine production which gives us our “flight or fight” response, this dramatically drives our ability to lift heavy weight, jump high and run fast. It can also enhance our general sense of well-being and happiness by increasing our Beta endorphins. All these benefits lead to you getting more out of your time and energy spent in the gym. We offer a variety of products that can help with your daily caffeine needs that range from our common pre workouts like Recharge, Recharge+ to our Restart morning protein, Refresh (hydration +focus) and even Reset energy packs! No matter the flavor or mode of delivery you choose caffeine is proven to take your training to the next level, use it.