David v Goliath

Lots of people have more gifts, more resources and a straighter path to success. This should be enough to get you out of bed everyday determined to find ways to win. It’s the “non privileged advantage."

Don’t worry, the “non privileged advantage” is not a real thing. Well at least I’ve never heard of it, but I am making it one. Because the truth is that with every situation there are positives and negatives. If you have grown up having less than others you ought to be hungrier than them, you ought to have better awareness to find resources and to CREATE for yourself. Many people that grow up HAVING things or having privilege struggle to find these talents, and why wouldn’t they? There is nothing wrong with either situation. My life was certainly not one of privilege to many, but there is a good chunk of the world who may disagree. Take a look at other countries and how they live vs. even the poorest of us here in America. And those blessed enough to read this through some form of technology, you are spoiled. 

But now that we got that cleared up I want to move forward with the mindset that creates this perspective. If you naturally look around and only feel bad for yourself because others have had it easier, you are doomed. I mean it, you need someone like me, or a friend, to SMACK some sense into. I pray you have someone like that in your life. Get it together people! To be in a position where you must claw, fight and use every single resource you can find to move the needle forward even a fraction of an inch is exactly where you want to be. I say this because that is an example of how I change any situation to work in my favor. When others have it easier, let that make you stronger. I know the hard work I must put in compared to others makes me stronger mentally, puts me in situations where adversity is regular and nothing is handed to me. When others, often with easier circumstance find themselves with their backs to the wall they don’t know how to respond. When you find yourself as the under dog—which all of us have and if not yet, we all will at some point—you must relish in the opportunity. 

Take David vs. Goliath for an example. Whether you study the bible or not, you probably know the story. David, a young boy, up against a giant from Philistine with an estimated height of 9ft. 9 inches. The fate of their peoples was hanging on the battle between these two men. David, never having fought a battle, undersized, young, and inexperienced, was up against a Giant who had never been defeated in battle and was physically superior to him in every way. Goliath seemed to have a much easier path to victory. But David's upbringing gave him an unlikely advantage. As the youngest of his brothers, David often had to tend and protect the sheep, whose predators brought on many challenges. David was smart and protected the flock with his sling shot, defending them from a distance. Over his young years, he developed deadly accuracy with his sling shot, killing both lions and bears in order to protect his flock. Goliath was prepared for victory, even laughing at David…but he wasn’t ready for the kind of battle David would bring. Goliath was only ready for physical hand to hand combat; David was ready to strike from a distance, right where Goliath’s armor left him vulnerable. As Goliath moved in on David, he loaded the sling shot, spun it with velocity and struck down the Giant. 

What is the lesson? Your circumstance and surroundings, while different and maybe lesser than another, is preparing you for something great. You only have one life, live it. Do what you can with what you have. Whose got it better than you? Nooooo body!

Go and take it this week, whatever it is you are chasing.