No, don’t aim to simply be different from others. To find real success in life, to reach elite levels, to chase uncommon rewards, you have to be willing to constantly be a different version of you. 

Yes you have had some success. Yes you have made some strides. But what you’ve done to make it this far isn’t what it will take to make it to the next level. You see the more success you have, the harder and smarter the work must be in order to continue to climb. I’ve been in the field of strength and conditioning for many years, and the most common mistake I see is that people assume because they did something that “worked”, all they have to do is keep doing it in order to keep building success. This isn’t true. 


Just like the way our body adapts to a stimulus, our lives can do the same thing. In order to continue to gain strength, size, speed or even just weight, you must constantly be adding new approaches. You must eat differently, eat more, train faster, train harder, rest differently, add in tempo’s, add in new movements, and the list goes on. In life you have to constantly be exploring how you do anything. You must create variance and find ways to strengthen new found weaknesses or make hard tasks easier and sometimes even find ways to make fast tasks take more time. You never know what you will find as you meditate and explore the simple thought of,  “How can I be better”? 

In order to be successful, you have to reinvent yourself on a regular basis. It may not be daily, it may not be weekly, and it may not even be monthly, but if you find yourself year to year doing the same things the same ways, you aren’t growing. Be different, seek change, reinvent who you are, keep rising!