Do what is right, not what is easy.

We have this innate ability to “feel” or to “know” what is right. You can recognize this ability as divine, spiritual or just naturally occurring in human development but the point is that we know. Although this is true we tend to turn away from what is right to pursue what is easy. This isn’t true for every task or goal. I’m not saying it always has to be the hard way in order to be the right way but in most cases I’m sure that you would agree from experience that the right way is often the path less traveled or the more narrow or more difficult path. Why is this the case? Why do we tend to lean into the easy, fasts option vs. taking the longer journey? What is the rush? Why don’t we look eagerly into the face of struggle and resistance? These questions are personal, I’m not going to answer them for you. But I’ll share some thoughts below. 

We become our thoughts. We often see the things that we want, or know the feelings or sensations we yearn for and we wish to get them the easiest way possible. The downside is that we assume that having those things or experiencing those things will make us happy, no matter how we get them. We know that isn’t true. Just think for a moment when someone has given something to you that you wanted vs. you getting something you worked for and got through your own action and hard work, which is more rewarding? Which is more fulfilling and longer lasting? We have to change our internal thoughts about ourselves and how we will be happy. 

I do hard things.
I can do hard things.
I choose to grow daily.
I can overcome any obstacle.
I love to learn to learn and seek out new things.
I don’t enjoy things that come easy.

Believe it or not, these words turned into thoughts have great power. And if we can create new thoughts they will become our actions and our choices. What new mantra can become a new thought and vision for yourself and ultimately your future? As we journey forward this will be the catalyst to you making the “right choices” and not just the easy ones. 

Rise up.