FNX and Active Life are Teaming Up to Bring You Something Special!

I hope to find you all having a great week and “rising up” in whatever you are doing! I am extremely excited to be launching our relationship with Sean Pastuch and Active Life RX. We want to offer you all the premium supplements with the best taste and formula’s we can dream up but we also want to provide you with the best information and knowledge so you get the most out of your training as well. We partnered with Sean because he is a true professional and creates programs and content to help athletes like yourself that need help getting out of pain without going to the doctors or missing time in the gym! We will be releasing some information each week on Thursday’s so keep an eye out for it each week. And there is no better body region to start with than the shoulders. We know that many of you suffer from shoulder pain, and it is a region of the body we often tax a lot in our training regime’s so we hope to offer you some great content to educate you and empower you to stay in the fight and injury free!