Focus on your Bubble

Often I’m writing to motivate you to step outside of your comfort zone or get outside of your “bubble”. Today’s message is quite the opposite in fact and with good reason. Recently, it seems like on a daily basis, I see or hear people concerned with or complaining about things that are simply outside of their control. I know it is in our nature to be consumed with things that present a threat to our convenience, health, safety or even lifestyle in general, but keep the big picture in mind. Our mental health is the most important thing that we have and if we are constantly concerned about and consumed by things that we don’t have influence over or better yet, direct control over then we will find ourselves down and out more times than not. This is no way to live. 

Today, I’m saying focus on your bubble. What things are inside your personal life and within your control? Politics? Well, yes you can vote and you can also share an educated or personal opinion. Outside of that, there are simply things you cannot control, so you do your part and get back to living. How about our local, national or federal rules on masks? Or the number of people who contract or spread Covid? Or even the amount of vaccines available or who will get one? None of that is within your control. So focus on what you can do for you and your family and forget the rest, get back to living. Is your gym closing? Well, unless you own it, you can’t control that. So, what can you do? You can get outside and run, hike, walk and you can workout at home with no equipment or invest in some for your home space. So again, take the energy you are wasting on worry, sadness, stress and anxious feelings about things you cannot control or dictate and get focused on what you can. 


I’ve posted a time or two in the past about “attitude and effort”. These two things are our money makers, our happiness creators and an outright choice each and every moment of our lives. I know, it’s crazy right? We are the masters of our fate and we are the conquerors of our souls, to loosely quote my guy William Ernest Henley. This is true not because we can control what happens around us or even to us but we can control our outlook and focus on any and every situation presented to us. Let’s allow our focus to be on things that are within our bubble, within our control and specifically spend most of our time and energy and effort on our personal attitude and effort. These are the keys to our happiness. 

Keep rising.