For the Love of the Sport.

Hey you!

Yeah, you.

You say you want to go to the CrossFit Games one day? But do you? Do you know what it will take? Are you willing to sacrifice hours away from the “party, BBQ, get together, game night, weekend trip away?” Is it worth it? When family and friends don’t understand your obsession, what will you say? Are you willing to pay for a coach? Do you need one? How about a nutrition coach? You have the money for that?? You going to make sure you're fueling your body for optimal performance each day? Weighing and measuring food down to the tenth of a gram at each meal and snack? Are you going to make sure you get enough sleep? No Netflix, no TV, no browsing “the gram.” Are you able to cut 10 hours out of your day for simply sleep? How about recovery work aside from sleep? Are you willing to stretch and mobilize for 1-2 hours a day? Invest in massage and chiropractic work at least once a week EACH! AND still find 4-5 hours a day for your real training? Are you willing to seek technical help and hire a gymnastics coach on the side? Travel far away to gyms to get some good competition from time to time? Are you willing to make next to no money in order to carve out the time and resources needed to make this life style happen? There is a lot to consider, right? Well this is what it means to a CrossFit Games athlete, it is a life style. If this list seems short to you, and you wouldn’t bat an eyelash in making this happen, you have a shot. Still doesn’t mean you’ll make it with everything aligned perfectly because…oh did I forget to mention? You also have to be a savage, you have to be clutch, you have to be MJ with the crossover fade away at the buzzer with no time left on the clock. You have to have ice in your veins. All the competitive athletes are fit enough now, it is who can execute. Who can hit a 95% snatch at fatigue with time running out, it’s who can hit the new 1rm PR clean and jerk after missing the previous attempt…oh and you only get 2 of them. This sport is not as glamorous as you think. You will do hours, and hours, and days and days, and weeks and weeks, and months and months, and yes…years and years of work that no one will see, no one will document and no one will care about. One day it could lead to you making it to the regionals, one day even the Games and guess what? You get a total of 7 days to prove the years and years of that hard work. For those that are fortunate enough to be on top of the podium, they will be remembered to a degree. The majority, those ranking from 4th on will be forgotten in days, weeks, and months and no one will even care as the new season begins the next March. You have to be obsessed with the grind, you have to love the sweat, the struggle, the hard right decisions over the easy wrong decisions. If you want to make it, it has to be for the love of the sport, not the spotlight. So I ask again, are you sure you want to make it? If so, meet me in the gym at 7:00 AM, I’d love to help.

-Coach Conway