Forgetting Isn't an Option


It’s been a challenging 2 weeks for me. A lot of self reflection. A lot of disappointment. A lot of hard conversations (which I’m grateful for). A lot of reading, researching, learning, and growing. What has occurred over the past few weeks has allowed me to see even as a black man in America I had been “asleep at the wheel”. I was personally only concerned with me, my immediate family and friends, those close to me. I wasn’t learning or doing anything for others, specifically in the matters of police brutality, incarceration, injustice to minorities. The more I learn and see clearly, the more I realize these are things that should have been on my mind and heart all along. For that, I have some thoughts to share. 

Forgetting isn’t an option. Forgiving is a necessity.

I regress, forgiving is only a necessity if you want to be happy. Forgiving is only a necessity if you want to be free from the burden of hate and resentment. Forgiving is only a necessity when you truly want to influence and educate. Forgiving is only a necessity if you hope to live in a world full of love. Forgiving is only a necessity if you truly hope for reform. Forgiving is only a necessity if you believe in transformation and elevation both in mind and action. Forgiving is only a necessity if you aren’t perfect. Forgiving is only a necessity if you want change. 

Forgiving is a necessity, forgetting is NEVER an option. 



Our history as humans has far too long been pushed to the side. Our history as a country has been buried and buried again under the hustle and bustle of our capitalist and consumer lifestyles. We must pause! Do our research, investigate our systems in place, question them, see their origin and transformation. We must make drastic changes. We must create NEW.  We must forgive, but we certainly cannot forget, not one thing. Above all else we must spread love. And I conclude with love because it is a verb and the hardest action to take in this world. Spread it, create it, be it. If you have been wronged by our systems in place love anyway as you educate and fight for change. If you haven’t been affected at all by our systems in place then realize your brothers and sisters on this earth have been and love extra on your way to fight alongside them. 


It will take time, it will take WORK. I emphasize work because that is how anything gets done. Don’t sit in the stands on this one, there truly is no neutral. It starts with education and understanding. You can do your part from that alone. But if you dare to reach out a hand in alliance to help those who need it, do so out of love and not obligation. Love is how we rise. We have some heavy lifting to do. Shall we? #risetogether