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Fall is my favorite season of the year! I love football, I love the change in weather, and most of all, I love the food. But combined, these reasons are likely why the fall and early winter is when active adults commonly gain the most weight. 


People who are generally active through the warmer months can see an increase in overall body weight between 3-6 pounds on average from Halloween to January 1st.

Body weight routinely fluctuates throughout the calendar year, but this large shift happens in too short an amount of time.


There are several pitfalls that come with this season of the year. For starters, people's general activity level tends to drop. Their NEAT is commonly much lower in the colder months (if you live where there are 4 seasons) vs. in the warmer months. People stop walking places or riding their bike, running and hiking on the weekend and that adds up over time. NEAT is an acronym for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, which means calories you burn when you aren’t actually working out. The higher someone’s NEAT, the more success they tend to have with their overall weight control and health. After all, we tend to only spend 45-60 minutes in the gym training and no matter how intense that can be, it’s a small percentage of each day, and an even smaller percentage of our lives in general. 


Another common fall struggle is the food selection! Because we are entering the holiday season, school is back in session, and football is in the air, there is always some event to attend. We are all adults and can make our own choices on what we eat and drink, but who can resist the delicious options that fall provides? Halloween treats, pumpkin spice everything, apple pie, cherry pie, berry pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, mac and cheese (homemade of course), stuffings galore (Thanksgiving and left overs), seasonal beers (I love them), and the list just goes on and on!


So the question is, how do we avoid the pitfalls of the fall slump? 


This is the perfect time to add accountability to your life. This is the perfect time, not to focus on things you should avoid or can’t do, but to focus on the things you can work toward every single day to provide you with success both physically and mentally. This is the perfect time to bring back our RISE45! Yes, we are geared up to help you sustain your best physical shape or create your best physical shape long before the ones who wait to commit on January 1. 


We’ve done this as a company with FNX Ambassadors several times and watched people make life changing transformations both physically and mentally. Our desire is, starting November 1, to provide you the means to have access to great workouts, coaches for questions, nutritional guidance and lifestyle accountability that isn’t just a 45 days and done. These will help you continue to RISE through the rest of the holiday season, 2023 and your life if you want them to. 


Our focus for this Rise45 is simple–get you results. You are going to get FREE 45 days access to TTRU Fitness in the SugarWOD training app. Current members will have access to the points scoring system no matter what program they follow. All participants will have access for free to TTRU Life, which includes TTRU 60 and TTRU 30. TTRU 60 is an hour of training that can be done in a traditional garage gym setup or a full gym set up. TTRU 30 is a program that needs no equipment (there is a dumbbell version each day as well). To be clear, you can do any training you’d like during this challenge and you do NOT have to do the free training we will provide for you. In SugarWOD, we will also focus on our daily habits and keep our scores. This Rise45 we will have an emphasis on 7 principles that, when applied properly for the long term, can give you the wealth in the form of health that you most desire:

  1. Sleep 7-8 hours a day minimum
  2. Drink 100 ounces of water
  3. 100 grams of protein minimum (individuals wanting to gain or maintain muscle–a minimum of .8 gram/pound of body weight)
  4. 600 grams of fruits/veggies each day minimum (~4-5 cups)
  5. 20 minutes of enrichment (reading, prayer, meditation, journaling)
  6. 10k steps/day
  7. Workout/movement each day (20:00+ fitness of your choice)

Notice that our focus isn’t to eliminate opportunities to partake in delicious food, or make memories at holiday parties or restrain from anything specific. Our goal is to help you focus on the good habits you can create and execute amidst even the busiest, and most difficult times of life. We want you to perceive this RISE45 as a challenge, but one that is only creating lifelong habits you can continue to grow with.



The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible from November 1st, 2022 through December 15th (Day 45). The accumulation of points added together and combined with the transformation you show from Day 1 photos to Day 45 photos will be how we select a winner. We are looking for a great transformation but also compliance.


The winner will receive $500 cash and $500 of FNX Cash that can be spent on anything on the website and any discount. 


So join us! Simply join the TTRU Fitness Culture Facebook page (link below) and we will be releasing more information soon directly in that group!


Keep Rising,

Coach Conway

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