Go Fast and Take Chances

Guys, today’s quote that I shared on my IG is pretty straight forward and I wanted to talk about WHY I shared that one!

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat, just get on!” - Sheryl Sandberg

There are times in my life where I hesitated. I hesitated to make decisions that I felt in my gut were the right ones to make and even ultimately ended up being what I chose down the road. This ranges from the dating relationship with my Wife, where to go college, to commit my life to living for God and not the world, to become a partner of the FNXfit family, to join the Brute Strength staff and even if I was ready to be a Dad or not when we talked about it at first. Each of the things you read through I ended up deciding that I wanted, I decided I needed, I decided were best for me. The reason I share this specifically is because I had hesitations, I was afraid, I didn’t know if it was right, I didn’t know if I had what it took, I didn’t know if it was the BEST fit. You name it, I had doubts. Each of the decisions were some of the best decisions and a few were THE BEST decisions I’ve made in my entire life! My point is that we KNOW what we want, if you take time to contemplate and listen to your heart and look around, you know what you want. Life is like being on that rocket ship from the quote above and too often we WASTE TIME and sometimes miss opportunities by asking and worrying about unnecessary things. Take a look back at your life, some of you have made some bad decisions (but you survived), some have not made ANY decisions due to fear (but it won’t be your last)….what I will encourage you with is that you are here right now. At this moment, and for a reason. You chose to read this for a reason, today I feel like it is so that you can look around, recognize opportunities around you, and take them. 

I tell my athletes that in training, that is our time to go fast and take chances…you learn best from this method. It is not always pretty, it is not always the BEST decision at the time, but how else will we know? Don’t live life on the sideline folks and don’t miss out on a journey on a rocket ship because you don’t know where it will end up. We will never know unless we hop on board. And me being the controller I am…I picture jumping in and taking the seat…and after a bit of a ride…I captain the ship. Ha! Have a great week folks. JUST GET ON!