Got Greens?


Got greens? 

Literally do you eat green veggies? And if so, how much? I don’t personally know you but I’m assuming it isn’t quite the daily minimum recommendation of 3 cups of veggies. For few, this measurable is of no problem, in fact some really love raw veggies and fruits but for most of us this is a big challenge. It turns out it also affects us and limits us a lot more than we tend to acknowledge. 

Did you know?

Regular and plentiful consumption of leafy green veggies reduces risk of obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. But it goes much further than what it “prevents” and even “protects” us from. Our lack of consumption with our green veggies affects not just our health, but our performance or lack thereof. 

Antioxidants and micronutrients found in green veggies and grasses help reduce exercise induced oxidative stress. They also help protect our immunity by supporting white blood cell production. Veggies give us more energy in the form of magnesium and potassium which also contribute to our ability to contract and relax our skeletal muscles. B vitamins help us with absorption and digestion of fuel throughout the day and even our general nerve conduction and health. And vitamin E helps us improve our general stamina and endurance throughout the day and in exercise. 


So again, I ask, got greens? 

More specifically, do you “got” enough? And how often? You will not see the benefits and gains of veggies until the consumption is done daily and with consistency over time. 

This isn’t easy for most people, only few. But I knew this, which is why we designed a product called “Rebalance”. Our greens product provides you with more than the daily need of veggies and makes the experience quick, convenient and actually enjoyable. Yes, I said it, enjoyable veggies. This is one of our best selling products and it is because people feel a difference but also because they enjoy the experience of taking them. 

Rebalance is a combo of veggies grown here in Utah, and are both raw and organic. With the combo of 5 cuts of grass as well as our 17 strain digestive enzyme you will notice increased gut health and nutrient absorption + digestion. It brings you the health benefits that eating raw veggies also do, except this is quick, convenient and will be something you actually enjoy. So whether or not you “got” greens, we GOT you! Order em up!