Handstand Pushups: Week 1

Getting inverted is a part of CrossFit that is very unfamiliar to most of us before we start “working out for time.” The truth is that doing hand stand push ups is a weakness for many of the athletes who casually throw down in our sport! There are a ton of ways to scale and try to improve hand stand push ups but all of them aren’t as efficient and valuable as others. This week I’ll dive into a couple drills you can use to scale HSPU but also drills that can be used to strengthen the position, and help you gain more muscle endurance in the specific plan of movement that HSPU asks of us! It is common to see athletes attach themselves to a rig with bands or even stack a bunch of abmats under their head as they set up against the wall. I’ve seen both of these tried by many, in which never leads to real progression! The purpose of any scale or movement substitute is to eventually lead to doing the movement as prescribed. Take a look at what we have in store for this week, and keep your eyes peeled over the next 3 weeks as this will be an ongoing focus!