Happy but Hungry

Life is interesting to say the least. I say that because I find myself very motivated at this time specifically in my career. I’m not currently what I would consider a competitive athlete although my entire life that is what I recognized or identified myself as. With the transition over the last 1.5 years its been both hard and also enjoyable. You see the competitive nature, the desire to never be outworked, the secret moments or preparation or execution that aren’t known to anyone else, and the vision for victory are all still very much present. The victory is just different and the actions are very different than just putting down hours of fitness and physical sacrifice in the gym.

Throughout my entire career as an athlete I had a strong desire to succeed. I think it is necessary to be great at anything, and when you truly have it you are never satisfied even at the pinnacle or after accomplishing a goal. Even after getting a college scholarship or playing a few years of Arena football, I wanted something more. Even after winning the affiliate cup back to back years in 2012, 2013 and being one of the top 20 fittest men in the world in 2015 at the CrossFit Games, I wanted more. Even after winning the Affiliate Cup for a 3rd time in 2017 with a completely different team and against a talented field of athletes, I wanted more. I think a secret power I’ve always had is an ability to look at my current circumstance in need or in plenty and be happy. To look at those around me, what we have or do not have and cherish it. But in the same breath, in the same moment I’ve always wanted more, I’ve always been HUNGRY for the next achievement.

No matter where you are in your life, you have to have the humility, and gratitude to be grateful for where you are. But we can never have the audacity or complacency to want to be there forever, we were not created for mediocrity no matter what people around you may think or say. One thing that I want you to take from this email today is that tomorrow brings new challenge and we must ready to meet it with defiance and resistance. Whether you are coming off of a personal high, a championship of sorts or if you are at an all time low and needing a victory, recognize you are blessed to read this today and to recognize that place, be happy. But stay hungry because there is no such thing as “maintaining” we are either moving forward or going backward and the ladder is not an option for us that choose to live in victory everyday.