Holiday Blues: We rise together.

Today this blog post isn’t about our products or a new flavor or a new cutting idea we have. This post is about love for another human and living outside of yourself. If that isn’t for you, I understand but certainly hope for better, please continue to read. 



The holidays are a time filled with making memories, sharing moments, reflecting on the great times that have happened through a year or years. These times can also be filled with hope for the future, maybe this year wasn’t your year and you can’t wait to finish it off! But 2020 and this pandemic has really changed the way we will be able to experience this holiday season. We all have had a rough year for one reason or another and yet we can’t really look forward to a new beginning with much excitement not knowing how we will deal with this pandemic. Sadly, it could be more of the same. The struggle of isolation, uncertainty, financial troubles, sickness and more zoom meetings (palms face). There is a partial solution to this problem and it’s you.

Did you know that “Holiday Blues” is a very real thing? That thousands of people take their own lives between Thanksgiving and the New year because they don’t have others to connect with and this time of year only reminds them of how lonely they truly are? I’m sorry to share such discouraging and sad information but this is the truth. Now, let’s step back and look at this year and how challenging it has been for so many! And let’s take now another look forward to the truth that many of us may be limited with even having a chance to spend these holidays around the family and friends we normally would. Covid is killing us and I don’t just mean physically, but emotionally. With Holiday Blues being an already existing term, imagine how vast and wide it will be felt this year? We can’t be so caught up in our own lives and small inconveniences we may be faced with to overlook the severe needs of others. 



Do you know of anyone already dealing with any pre-existing mental or emotional struggles? Bi polar, treated depression or anxiety, maybe you know they’ve had struggles around this time of year before? How about someone who lost a loved one around this time of year? Maybe you know someone who is sick physically, maybe you know someone who has lost a job? Gotten a divorce? Lives alone? There are so many things to consider or look out for, but at least this gives us a place to start. If you know anyone in any of these situations or maybe just anyone who you haven’t connected with in a long time, check in on them. Send a text, give a random call, facetime them, set up a zoom “hangout” where you can share some drinks or a meal, but connect. It is ok to be persistent, most people battling loneliness or depression don't even realize it until they breach the “funk'' by hearing someone else's voice or being encouraged. If you really want to go the extra mile then write them a letter, send them flowers, send them a gift, but it won’t be the lavishness of these things that stand out, it will be the love and effort, remember that. These small gestures can remind someone they are worthy to be alive, feel something good inside and let them know they are simply “thought of”. It’s my hope that this blog today stirs thought and consideration and pray that you will pass on these actions and this write up to others. Spread the word, this will be a hard holiday season on many. If we can lift the burden at all then why would we not? 



I told you to start that this blog was about love. I hope you feel it this holiday season. Not just from me but from our entire FNX family. We appreciate what you represent and who you are and we hope that through our restrictions and limitations that this holiday season is an amazing one for you. If you reach just one person in order to check in or connect then this blog has fulfilled its purpose. Each one, reach one and we can spread some real love this year. Rise together.

If you or someone you know are struggling call this number 1-800-273-8255 or visit