How Does the Lean Bundle Get You Lean?

Getting lean isn’t easy. And if you are truly trying to make change you have to go about it in the right way! The best way to start is get yourself set on a steady routine of eating well, consistently training and sleeping well! Often people don’t know where to start. Our “Lean Bundle” is a great kick start to your “lean” GAINS!

In the morning it is important to do a few things within the first hour of waking when you want to lean out. The first thing is that you should be drinking at least 2-3 glasses of water immediately after waking. You should literally do this prior to even brushing your teeth, have some water ready to go right by the sink and you're set. I personally like to chug and go. This is a sure fire way to get the metabolism moving right away. Second is that we want breakfast within that first waking hour. To be more specific we want PROTEIN! Our Restart gets the title of an “AM” protein due to the combination of nootropics that help you wake and thrive, our probiotics that support optimal gut health AND 22 grams of protein that will help you suppress unnecessary cravings through the day and promote the building of lean muscle. With this as a consistent way to start the day you will build habits necessary to a leaner you.

Our “Renew” is necessary to do the natural bouts of inflammation we face consuming an “American” based diet. We eat so many processed foods, and even when we avoid them our veggies and fruits simply don’t carry the micronutrients they used to when farmed more locally and organically. The krill oil allows you to use the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce joint inflammation and other natural bodily processes so we can live and specifically recover more optimally day in and day out. We have all experienced achy and stiff joints from life or training, the more pain we are in, the less we can get out of our training. The Renew helps you feel good to get back to the gym and back to movement in life each day!

Lastly “Relax” is a no brainer! If you don’t sleep and don’t sleep well….you have no chance at leaning out. I have coached many athletes over the years and even with the best intentions they struggle to fall asleep. What happens is for years we have bad habits, then we decide to make a change and get more sleep but our body doesn’t agree. First you have to set a great night time routine, wind down the same, no screens within 30 minutes of laying down, yes…no phone, no computer, no TV. Read a book, take a shower in the dark (its cool, trust me), or just do some stretching or deep breathing. Then you should make sure your room is a low but comfortable temperature. Evidence seems to show the colder the room, the better the sleep. Additionally black out that room. Now that we have that out of the way, some people are still so high strung (or in their own head) they still can’t relax enough to fall asleep! This is where Relax can come in and help you calm down to get to sleep. The blend of ingredients with magnesium and polyphenols at just the right quantities allows for quick sleep, no abrupt awake in the middle of the night and no grogginess in the morning. When you are getting great sleep, you will have more energy, a better attitude, less eye wrinkles but best of all you will burn stored fat! If we keep our cortisol levels lower through quality sleep we never let stored fat work against us simply from not getting enough rest! The lowest hanging fruit in being a fitter or leaner version of yourself is to get better sleep!