How To Survive The Holiday Weight Gain

This week we dive into the things to consider to “survive the holiday temptations”! I know everyone out there doesn’t just want to let their fitness and year of hard work just fall to the waste side, however we also want to indulge a bit and enjoy friends and family and all the food that comes with this time of year. I’m here to say you can’t have ALL the treats and expect to just train “harder” in the gym and hope that does the trick! But you can still indulge in a way that allows you to be a part of the festivities without falling off of the radar with your fitness and physique.

Tip 1: Keep training! Remember no matter how busy you are or where you are traveling or what resources are around you, you can always workout! Get body moving, do push ups, do burpee’s, run, do air squats, any core variation you can imagine, the point is to move! If you can get your blood pumping and muscles moving and lungs working your body will do better things with the food you’ll be gorging on other than store it as fat.

Tip 2: Eat all day long. I used to make the mistake of actually not eating all day since I knew I would have treats later. This is a common error. The better decision is to eat normally and as healthily as possible all day long. This will leave you less likely to binge too much and go overboard at the party. You may not stay in your preferred macro range for the day, but you will falter out much less than if you binge at the party.

Tip 3: Eat more protein. Protein takes more work for our body to digest, its literally helping us burn calories as we metabolize it! Also it gives this unique effect of satiating us when we eat more of it. This means it helps us feel more full through the day.

Tip 4: If you are at a party and you are eyeing a treat of choice, try not to consume too many other sugary treats with it, and allow yourself the 1 treat. It is an easy way again to indulge without going overboard. Stick to whole foods that are at the meal or party and enjoy the one treat you think looks most delicious or you have anticipated the most.

Tip 5: Don’t mix too much alcohol with dessert. I know, I know, but that’s really fun. Well don’t do it. Truly, it’s best if you pick one. If you are going to drink a good bit at the party try to consume less or no desserts, you are drinking plenty of sugar and calories in your choice beverage. On the other hand if you make the choice to enjoy the desserts with no drinks then you are good to go. If you choose to do both, then make sure to be more aware that you are burning the rope at both ends and it’s a good way to optimize your bloating, swelling and water weight gain for the next day. If this is a big party or Christmas day or New years eve itself it may just be worth it, just know what to expect.

Tip 6: No matter how hard you are watching you’re fuel intake, don’t you dare show up at a party of any kind with your tupperware food. Unless of course you make 6 figures a year with your body and it is how you pay the bills, then by all means…..I’ll give you a pass for that one.

Happy Holiday’s everyone!