Invested in your Health!


The fact of life is that we are always investing into something (improving, growing, making better) or we are taking away from it (using, neglecting, tearing down). We are never just "sustaining" or "maintaining". This perspective is apparent in everything we do ranging from every relationship we have, our work life/career and even our faith or mindfulness practice. It is a hard pill to swallow but we are either growing or shrinking. With that said, how are you doing at investing in your health? The chances are that if you are reading this already, you're doing fairly well. But most of the world does not share the same perspective as we do.

As we move into 2019 our goal is to put a premium on emphasizing how important it is to "invest in your health" and to do so right now. The question is how? It starts small by deciding you want to make this an important aspect of your life. After you make that decision its about setting up some simple concise actions that will allow you to reach a bigger over arching goal. We want everyone to be healthier, so what do we need to do in order to make that happen? We need to eat better foods, make time to prepare that food and put forth effort to plan those decisions. We need to physically train our body. In order to train we must first have direction on what to do, then we have to schedule time to do it, and then put forth the effort daily or on a regular basis to make it happen. We must prioritize our sleep! What? Yes, I said you need to sleep more and sleep better! How? Well we need to set a "bed time", stop taking electronics to bed, shut down "screen time" 20-30 minutes before trying to fall asleep, sleep in a dark room at a cool temperature, and have the conviction to follow through on this with consistency. As you can tell the journey to a healthier you will not be easy, it will take an "investment" of time, effort, focus and at times the sacrifice of other things. Seeing as how we only get one body, and there is no better time than right now to start to steer our future in a more positive direction, let's do this!

I want to encourage you all to take some time to brainstorm ways you can invest in your health in 2019. That can be very different for all of us, and while I spoke to physical health, it can equally be focused on mental health and happiness as well, both are important! Some people will have a list that may say things like....I will train 6 days a week, take Rebalance everyday, and take Relax each night before bed. Other will have a list of....Yoga 3 days a week, be laying down in bed by 10pm each night with lights off and no phone, take Restore each day in order to get in more protein. And again, no matter what your aiming to be "Being more healthy" or "I want to make it to the CF Games" or "I want to be a better Husband" are great goals, but they mean nothing without smaller steps to lead to them. So aim small and you'll accomplish great things on your way to achieving your overarching goals!

Let's get invested!