Just Another Day. Make The Most of It!

Well we made it! Another year come and gone. Tomorrow you will wake up a new you!

I’m completely kidding, none of that is true and nothing will be different. The only thing that changes is that you will make mistakes when you sign things like checks and other important documents when you date them for like the next 6 weeks or so.

I’m not saying all of this to be a jerk, but if you think I am then that is ok. I’m saying this because it is reality. We often set goals and ambition in a new calendar year like there is magic based around this. There is no magic and the date means nothing. This shouldn’t shock you nor discourage you, it should be a breath of fresh air and realization that you can always level up or change focus.

I felt like this was necessary to get off of my chest because so many people set new years resolutions and fail them only weeks or months into the new year. We should often be setting goals and adapting them along the way. If you fail at something that doesn't mean you give up, or if you need to call an audible that doesn’t mean you failed. I hope that on this last day of 2018 you can look back at both the victories and the challenges you have experienced and simply learn from them. The goal with 2019 isn’t to hit a bunch of bench marks or check box’s but to be the best version you can be and get the most out of your potential that you can. This is a great time to set up some intention and hit the ground running, I hope the motivation from the turn of the new year does spur you along. However, understand that 2019 will bring new challenges in itself, obstacles we don’t see coming and opportunities as well. Have a plan, do the best you can when you can and enjoy the journey as you get to where you are going.

Tomorrow is truly just another day, for us that means we must make the most of it.