Just Show Up

As you probably know, not every day is a sunny day. Some days are literally just that, days. These are the moments in life that are often hard to feel motivated or excited about what we are pursuing. You may feel like you are plateauing you may feel as though you are even regressing in your performance, in your job, or in your relationship. This happens to us in every aspect of our lives, it happens and has happened to me. 

When motivation isn’t there, when your body is sore and you don’t think you can train, when the PR’s aren’t flowing how you want them to be, its discouraging. These are times where you have to “just show up!” Get up, get moving, get to the gym. Get out the door, get in your car, get to your job. When you don’t feel the connection with your spouse or significant other or friend, spend quiet time with them and force the conversation to happen. You see this isn’t the glamorous, this is the discipline. This isn’t the “rah, rah” motivational Monday, this is the kind that changes who you are and what you are chasing. Every day you will NOT WANT to suffer for improvement, you will not want to do the simple and mundane things it takes to live in victory. This is just how life works! But to have success, to live in victory every day it takes you putting your lack of motivation into steady, constant action. Just show up. It doesn’t sound great, right? But it can be what creates your breakthrough, it can be what carries you from today to the next sunny day. Without the discipline to just show up on some days, we will quit, we will change our mind, we will be deterred from our goals. Allow the old adage of "one foot in front of the other" take you to the next step and keep your head down and eyes forward. Just show up.