Leaner and Stronger?!

I’m back on the gains train! Well, technically I’ve shed some body fat but I am stronger and in some of the best metabolic conditioning shape I’ve been in 2 years! So, there are gains, just not necessarily in body weight. What’s the secret? Well, I have started back on my Revive.

Here is the back story. I hadn’t taken it consistently for the past 18 months or so simply because my training hadn’t been too high and I wasn’t really paying attention to the way I ate. I am the type of person that doesn’t want to take something to simply act as a bandaid to other issues in my lifestyle. With that being said, now I am back to training consistently in my garage everyday, working on things that I know could use improvement and focused on increasing my overall work capacity. So, I thought it was time to get my consistency back with my supplements and diet. 


I never stopped taking my Refuel or Rebuild simply because I view those as staples anytime I’m in the gym. But now that I am training with a bit more consistency and focus instead of just “working out” I added back in my Revive and Renew and I’m feeling great. Right now I’m training about 90 minutes 6 out of 7 days a week. Sometimes my time spent in the gym is less if the kids don’t nap well or if I have meetings or a lot of work to get done. But like I said, the consistency is better than it has been in a long time and there is some intensity to match it.



A few days a week I fast all morning while I spend some time with my kids and then go down to work until lunch time. At lunch time they go down for a nap and it’s time for me and Mama to train. I try to get in and out by 1:30 pm where I then break my fast with 3 scoops of Replenish + 1 scoop of Refuel + 1 scoop of Resilience + 1 scoop of Rebuild. I drink the shake while I check some emails in the afternoon or write a small blog post like this and then I get ready for my first big meal. I try to consume a good bit of carbs and protein and keep the fat intake rather low until dinner where I usually have my “fattier” meal when it comes to macros. Between 1pm and 8pm there is some grazing of snacks and meals because that is when I get in my day's calories. I try to stop consuming all food by 8pm (except on days I did A LOT of strength training) then I’ll allow myself a night time treat of Retire! But on most nights I finish the day before bed by taking my Revive, Renew and Relief and I’m out like a light! 

The X factor is the Revive simply because it was not a part of my routine for a while like I mentioned above. When I take it I notice more energy, without caffeine needed, and faster recovery from higher volume. It’s a natural testosterone booster that doesn’t increase the amount of the sex hormone your body actually makes, it simply allows you to utilize what you’ve already got more efficiently. If you haven’t ever tried, you should. It’s got me feeling like I’m ready to throw down!