Less Talk, More Action.

Social media has created some amazing opportunities for many of us. It can be a source of fulfillment, entertainment, connection, community and also false confidence. Wait what? Yeah, social media can be more of a deterrent for those who are distracted by it than a catalyst to success. Let me elaborate. 

Social media, specifically Instagram is sometimes like “talking about” your success. In essence that is what much of it entails right? We see constantly a flood of people's training, PR’s, the house they bought and the success they are having. Rarely do we see the struggles, or “boring” aspects of life or training, it can be quite misleading. Not only that, but from the person posting it, it can build false or exaggerated achievement. Did you know when you talk about things that it still creates the internal feeling of them happening? This means that it can be almost too satisfying, feeding a yearning to reach our goals that we haven’t actually achieved but you feel like you have. It’s almost like patting yourself on the back. I’m all for self encouragement, but we need a balance of things. 


Keep posting, keep talking but do less of it. Share less of your victories and keep them to yourself. Use it as a bank to build confidence and keep growing and keep doing. Let your performances when they are tested and your success on the competition floor of life be the proof of your hard work. All in all, I wanted to remind each of you today that if you want to be successful in anything to talk less and do more.