Live In Victory Everyday

Service is the whole reason this company exists.

We serve the fitness community by providing top of the line products to fuel your journey to recovery, to increased endurance or strength, or just to make your life just a little easier. But the bigger service involved is the one we are most proud of.

From the beginning of FNX, we decided to make service a focal point of our business. Our greatest service is providing clean water to those without adequate access to it. Through every purchase made on our site, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a foundation called “World Joy.” Through this foundation, the donations are pooled together to fund a well in an area of need in Ghana, Africa. After just 1 year in business we have funded more than 1 well built! In year 2 we hope to make the trip to Ghana to get hands on and build a well ourselves! 

Water is a source we often take for granted. We have so much access to clean water we forget it is finite as a resource. We use it to cook, bathe, wash our hands, clean our houses, brush our teeth, and sadly often…we just let it run for no reason. There are people in the world who don’t have access to water at all, let alone clean water to drink or cook with. In many countries like Ghana, most have to travel far distances for fresh water and even then, the water is often far from clean.

"I" become greater by helping others first.

"LiVE" embodies our mission as a company. We reminds us that we cannot succeed without first helping others to succeed.

As an ambassador, athlete, or consumer, being a part of our company goes much further than using our products. We are truly improving the quality of life for those less fortunate than ourselves. I hope this resonates with you, because I believe it is what makes our company and family a special one.

Together we rise up by living in victory everyday.