If The Wind Doesn't Serve...

“If the wind doesn’t serve, take to the sails.” - Latin Proverb.

I love this quote, but let us never assume the wind will ever turn us, let along blow us in the direction we hope. Let’s not wait on the wind. Something I have always put into practice in my life is literally viewing each scenario as if the odds were against me. This naturally always turns me into the under dog whether it be true or not, its an astounding motivator. The key part about applying this to my approach though is being prepared to rely on no one for anything. I don’t mean to not have friends or loved ones or not to work well on teams, no no. But I am saying to assume that without hard work, without focus, without every ounce of energy and without blood, sweat and tears of your own, that nothing will get accomplished. There are people out there all around us standing still just hoping the the wind blows in their favor. My message to you today is to carry your oars and always be ready, because when you LIVE this way, you will dictate your own outcome. And we don’t LIVE by chance. Lets go!