Monday Motivation: A Long Shot

A long shot.

It’s a term used to describe something that may be out of reach, something that is unlikely to happen. Have you ever used this term? I have. Likely to describe something I honestly didn’t think would ever come to existence. “Yeah I think that is a great idea, but it’s a LONG SHOT because they already work with another company.” You get the idea right? The unique thing about “the long shot” is that it is really the ONLY attractive one to me. You see, if something is more of a near shot, or a guarantee I’m not nearly as drawn to it and truthfully the pay off or reward is usually not nearly as high. So while a long shot is something that is hard to land or a goal hard to accomplish it is what I often chase. Do you?

Your dream, the one that will make you happiest, whether it be an ideal relationship, perfect job, family situation, income, house, body composition, you name it…is a long shot. There are things that you will have to change about your approach, yourself, your commitment, your life style in order to make that long shot of a dream become a reality. None of this should make you stop chasing it. Your whole life is a long shot! Did you know that the chances of you being born are like 1 in 400 TRILLION?! You are a miracle in itself and your existence is one much more of a greater magnitude than the vision you are dreaming up now. I’m not saying it won’t take hard work, I’m not saying it will be easy and I’m certainly not saying IT IS A GUARANTEE. What I am saying is that you’ve already overcome the world to simply make it this far, don’t be afraid to be and chase something special. You never know who you will inspire to do the same along the way. Take chances, dream big, and know that a shot is never too long. TAKE IT!


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