Monday Motivation: Staying to the Shallow Waters

“You will never learn to swim by staying to shallow waters.“

This week the message is very straight forward. I want you to venture outside of your comfort zone. The truth is, even as something as straight forward as swimming as a skill, you have to be exposed to uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. You can learn many drills in the shallow end of the pool or you can stick to where you can touch at the beach. But the true skill of swimming and fear of the deep will never subside until the unknown elements of it are faced.

For you, there is a fear, a hesitation, and timidness that exists in some area. Reflect on what that is, and why it exists. When you can pin it down, find out what you must do to face it. If you have a dream, or an accomplishment you are chasing it is likely there is a boundary you must cross in order to achieve it. Take the leap of faith, face your fear and plunge into the deep’ll never know what you are capable of until you do.