Muscle Up Progression Week 1

Hey guys, its common for people to just jump right to kipping muscle ups in CrossFit and to be honest it's not right. I’m saying that if you can kip a muscle up and can’t do a strict one then you did it backwards. You can argue with me all you want, but the strength and stability needed to safely maneuver around the rings is demonstrated in a strict muscle up and not a kipping muscle up. My point is that if you do it backwards, then the risk is great for injury. 

Today I wanted to start a series where I will focus on some great drills for you guys that are looking to master your first strict ring muscle up. The drills won’t necessarily come in any particular order, these are all going to be drills that you guys can scale and practice pretty much no matter your ability level. 

This week I go over a kneeling muscle up tempo drill. So many athletes use this drill but use it incorrectly. They go through the motions without attention to detail in regards to the position of your body in space in relationship to the rings. These things are very important to improvement and actually allowing the work on the low rings to apply to the high rings. Introducing a tempo not only in the ascend but also in the descend will allow for great awareness and ALSO time under tensions which exposes us to a great change in muscle and gain in strength! 

Have fun with the tempo muscle ups! Tag us in your practice! Get out and use the drills!