Muscle Up Progression Week 2

As I said before, its common for people to just jump right to kipping muscle ups in CrossFit and to be honest it's not right. I’m saying that if you can kip a muscle up and can’t do a strict one then you did it backwards. You can argue with me all you want, but the strength and stability needed to safely maneuver around the rings is demonstrated in a strict muscle up and not a kipping muscle up. My point is that if you do it backwards, then the risk is great for injury. 

This series focuses on some great drills for you guys that are looking to master your first strict ring muscle up. The drills aren't in any particular order, these are all going to be drills that you guys can scale and practice pretty much no matter your ability level. 

Today I'm talking about how to increase and build your pulling and pressing strength, and also the time under tension for that false grip.

  1. Hanging False Grip:
    1. 2-3 sets of maximum time
    2. 10" hold and 20" rest of 8 sets
  2. False Grip Strict Chest to Ring Pull Up
    1. Pull as deep as possible
    2. Resist for 3-4"
    3. To scale, place a bench below your feet to jump into the pull up
  3. Ring Dip with Pause
    1. Start with support position with elbows locked out
    2. 3" hold at the deepest part
    3. Drive up
    4. To scale, use a foot to help you drive up, but lower yourself without assistance