No Expansion without Exposure



You are too comfortable. 

When things are good, when life is pleasant we can become weak. 

We become complacent. 

There is no growth here. 

I’m not saying to be in a good place is bad, I’m not saying to be happy isn’t the goal. I’m saying that when you are in a comfortable place, seek discomfort by choice. Seek growth. Ultimately what I’m saying is that you must seek new exposure. 

We need to be chasing new goals, having new conversations, meeting new people. Optimally these things we are chasing and these people we are meeting are in places that we want to go, they call us or ask us to level up. 


Exposure leads to expansion. This is direct and very true. Think about the moments when you’ve been challenged the most, think about the times you’ve been forced to grow, forced to change, it is when you were exposed to something. Exposure isn’t always welcomed. This could come from a disagreement, an opposing political view, social perspective or even challenging your religious beliefs. No matter how exposure happened it forced growth. You were thinking new things, formulating responses, doing research, working harder, changing and adapting. 

When we are too comfortable, we avoid new exposures, we like things just the way they are. My advice to you today is this, don’t. Seek growth, seek change, more importantly seek exposure, it is what creates expansion. Keep growing. Keep rising.