No More Sickness in 10 Steps

New strength is truly measured in how well you can stay healthy! In these times it’s simply about avoiding exposure to others who are sick. But, what will we do when life starts to get back to what we deem as the “new normal”? We won’t simply be able to practice social distancing and constantly be wearing masks. We have a 10 step process and not to mention an amazing new “Immunity+ Complex” that will help keep our immunity high as we establish our new lifestyle practices!

1. Eat real food - Focus on highly nutrient foods that grow from the earth or can be hunted! Avoid processed foods and foods that come in pre packaging as much as possible. And of course avoid sugar!

2. Sleep more - 6-8 hours of sleep is a great goal for anyone, but some people can thrive at a higher level with even more! We have products like our Relax sleep-aide, Retire PM protein that provide support in getting to sleep and staying asleep!

3. Drink less alcohol - If you enjoy a good beer or glass of wine or even a shot of hard liquor, now isn’t the time to over indulge! I know, I know, it’s not good news, but it’s true. Alcohol doesn’t help immunity so be wise in your volume of consumption and also frequency. Allow yourself a few drinks a week but space them out and try avoid drinking several days in a row.


4. Improve your gut - Gut health affects everything that our body does! In fact the majority of our cells that affect our immunity are housed in our gut! Being certain that you are taking in nutrients that support healthy gut bacteria and our daily digestive processes is a sure way to support our immune system. The best way to support your gut health is to consume foods that foster or create an environment that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Rebalance Supergreens was designed for just that. You not only consume your “greens’ for the day with just one serving, but you also get a 17 strain digestive enzyme blend!

5. Get your vitamins! - Micronutrients are the ones we commonly overlook when it comes to health and even performance of our body. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help support your health and give you plenty of energy! Our Repair is a multi vitamin specific to both men and women that will provide all you need for each day.

6. Be physically active - Workout, play, run, move! Do anything to move your body. If you have a workout routine you are following then stick with it. If you have sports you love to play, then play them. The truth is that we are designed to move, it is in our DNA. So to our core it does not simply provide us a means to burn calories and eat our favorite treats, exercise and movement is our key to real happiness. Get sweaty, and have fun! We have many resources to workout guides, ebooks and programs if you sign up for the Victory Club as well as daily workouts!

7. Get more vitamin D - Vitamin D is one of the most important you can have! The best way is to spend time outside in the Sun. Vitamin D helps us produce antibodies, and protect us from specific respiratory disease and infection. A simple goal is to spend 10-20 minutes a day in the sunshine!

8. Spend time outside (stress) - Rain, snow, sleet, cold, warm, hot, sunny, cloudy, it doesn’t matter the condition do your best to get outside! I know it doesn’t sound glamorous to go outside in the rain for a walk, yet it’s soothing. A lot like movement and exercise we yearn for the outdoors. If you don’t believe me, look at a picture on Instagram of an outdoor scene that is beautiful and it’ll create a “feeling” for you. You wish to be there, some love the beach, some love the mountains and lakes. It doesn’t matter which you prefer, get outdoors. This will strengthen your immune system through natural exposure to a diverse series of germs and also bring you tremendous happiness. Part of the quarantine period we all experienced was that more people were trying to get outside than ever. When we were all forced to slow down, we yearned for 1 thing, which was freedom to roam, so go do it more even when you aren’t forced in your house!


9. Feed your brain! (read, learn, study) - Happiness and confidence affect even your physical body. Believe it or not, you are more susceptible to sickness when you are sad, depressed and stressed. One of the best ways to combat this is to dive into a great book, find a new hobby, or learn anything new! Our brain releases endorphins with any sense of achievement! Pick something simple that you enjoy and lose yourself in it for 20-30 minutes a day that doesn’t involve watching TV, you’ll thank me later.


10. Take Immune+ Complex! A few weeks before our pandemic of Covid-19 hit we were designing an immunity product and it was finally finished just 4 weeks into the quarantine period. This is the most complete immunity complex you will ever see. It contains key ingredients such as immunel, and Fulvic acid in our Amino Complex. We have Elderberry, Ginseng, and Ganoderma Lucidum in our Phyto immune complex, Quercetin and 9 other vitamins all essential to our Optimum absorption complex. With these 3 powerful complexes combined that cover all the bases of our ability not to just prevent sickness, and viral infections but it can also reduce the effects of them if contracted.