No One Should Dictate Your Success But You

Monday Motivation: No One Should Dictate Your Success But You

Hey guys, today I wanted to be very real with you about an aspect of success most people tend to TRY to overlook. I say TRY because it is uncomfortable and usually what keeps most people from ever making their dreams come true. 

Look around you. Literally, at any given time of the day look around you, who is there? Not only, who is there, but what are they doing? What are they chasing? What are they accomplishing? If you are reading this I hope that you have goals, I hope that you have dreams. But if the people that you most often associate with or spend the most time with aren’t inspired like you, sacrificing like you to live out their dreams, they will hold you back. There is tremendous truth in that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

What those around you are doing matters. I somehow figured this out at a young age, and I was very selective at who I got close with and who I stayed close with. I looked for the people who weren’t going to get me into unwanted trouble, who enjoyed and did the same things I wanted to do, and also people who helped me climb to new levels (mainly people who were already where I wanted to be). I did this way back in high school and I truly believe that my peers have helped mold my life the most. Not all of my friends stayed on the same path as me, and so some of our friendships drifted over time, and some I consciously had to end because I saw they were holding me back. But we can’t be the one to save everyone in our lives and make them aim for the higher standard. We can help them most by chasing our own dreams and aligning everything in our life to make that happen. 

Today I want you to be real with yourself, when you look around what do you see? Are you surrounded by go getters, people who support your dreams, people who are chasing dreams of their own, people who already have the life style, marriage, relationships that you want? If the answer is no, you need to audit your friends. It will not be easy, but the trade off is harsh. Years or months in a “comfortable" or "fun” friendship that will get you both nowhere leads to a life time of regret and "what if’s". But a few hard decisions and uncomfortable conversations can free you from baggage and set you free to not just chase but accomplish all your goals and dreams. 

No one should dictate your success but you. Rise up.