Our Game Changing Stack!

Our Rebuild stack is one that is under marketed and far from the sexiest or “fun” bundle of products that we designed. But, I will be the first to admit it is my secret sauce. I take both of these products, the creatine and glutamine daily, and I do so all year around. I literally took a few weeks off after this year's CrossFit Games only because I purposefully got lazy with my nutrition and supplementation and now as I prep for my marathon next month I’m back on my consistency! Once I started getting back in the weight room and also putting down an increased amount of volume on the runs, I noticed I needed these both and badly. If you have no idea why you need creatine or glutamine in your diet, then please, just continue along. 

Creatine is the more popular of the two. This is the most studied powder product in the history of supplements. It once got a bad rap for causing cramps, bloating and excess water weight, but we now know and understand why. There was a period where certain brands were instituting what is called a “loading phase” of creatine. The idea was that the saturation in your body would help you hold it in your muscles and then you could go into a maintenance phase. Well, there's conclusive data that shows that is actually unnecessary and what allows creatine to do it’s best job is for you to take it regularly between 5-10 grams a day. What’s creatine  job? Well it is something our bodies produce naturally and we can eat it in skeletal muscle. This molecule essentially influences our basic energy molecules called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This molecule when used is what allows us to rapidly contract our muscles and do so repetitively. The more ATP available then the more work you can do. Creatine is not a magic drug, when you take it you don’t automatically get stronger. But it does provide you the ability to do more work in your training sessions, and also recover faster between them. To any logical hard worker you see where the benefit then comes from! Over time, you are able to achieve the results you are seeking in your body faster with the use of this supplement. It benefits both power athletes and endurance athletes. And now we are finding that it should be taken daily even for the neurological effects it can have on brain function and memory. Creatine has recently shown to help aging demographics (yes older people) to help them retain sharpness in your mind and memory! 



So what is this glutamine all about then? Well it’s the perfect balance to creatine which is why it is the other half of our Rebuild stack. As you are able to do more work with creatine, it is natural to experience more onset muscle soreness. But if you're sore, how do you train? Well glutamine is the solution here. It is an amino acid that helps our body block our “soreness” receptors. While it doesn't make our bodies numb to soreness, it can reduce it. As we reduce our perceived soreness or general body fatigue from the days or weeks prior it allows us to train at a higher intensity (more weight, more reps, faster times) more consistently. This type of consistency is what drives the greatest results and fastest adaptations. Glutamine isn’t just about the muscle soreness though, it actually helps spur recovery faster, aides with digestion and nutrient absorption, and also strengthens your immune system. As prescribed 1-2 scoops of this daily allows you to attack your goals and crush new benchmarks headlong. 

The benefits of our Rebuild stack are obvious! These products aren’t going to make you jump off the wall with energy or be your favorite thing to sip on, because they are unflavored. But that is an advantage all to itself, you can take these any time of day you’d like and mix them each with any of our other products. The key to getting the most out of these supplements is your commitment to your goals, it is your discipline in your daily habits and your hard work in the gym. If you are looking to improve at a higher rate and keep the ball rolling in the direction of your favor, you must get the Rebuild stack and start your experience with creatine and glutamine today.