“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.”

Life isn’t made up mostly of earth shattering events and breakthroughs that parallel a volcano eruption or an earthquake. Our lives are more like a stream or a river that flows steadily. Most of the time this makes our life seem redundant, uneventful, boring and even like there just isn’t much getting done. Due to this analogy most people think that they are complacent because of the lack of excitement drawn here, but that just isn’t true. 

Re-read the above quote.

Our goal is to be a river or stream that stays the course. The mundane tasks and the daily decisions you make to stay the course that leads to the narrow path – the path that will take you to your dreams and help you reach your goals – are what you must give all your attention to. When you give your focus to the basic decisions and master what others deem “boring” or unnecessary you will continue to make progress. Like a river that is cutting and eroding a rock over time with persistence you will reach your goals. On the other hand there are people reading this that only want one major event to happen, one BIG thing that will set them free and into stardom or catapult them on the fast track to their dreams. Those things do happen, but often like an earthquake that forms majestic mountains it is few and far between. In fact it happens every 10,000 years or so, who has time to bank on that? I don’t. So instead I will keep my head down, love the process and stay the course. I will keep eroding away at any obstacle or rock in my way so that I may find the path that leads to my dreams. Will you?

Stay the course this week. Be persistent. Rise up.