Rebuild Glutamine is for you!

We just added a new product to our Rebuild category! Introducing Rebuild Glutamine. Many of you have likely heard about glutamine or even already asked me about why we don’t have one to offer. Well, it’s here and we wanted to have one for Team FNX because of the demand for it. We understand that most of our athletes and ambassadors who take “making gains” and “recovering” seriously have been asking for this product for a while because you were having to head elsewhere to buy it. We wanted to remove another obstacle for you in reaching your goals and make sure you can get all you need from a trusted source. But, I also understand that some of you reading this article, especially you who may be new to training and supplements in general may not understand the craze or necessity for glutamine as a product so I want to explain a bit about it. 

Glutamine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body and even found in foods we eat. Some of the common foods this amino acid is present in are eggs, beef, white rice, tofu and corn. Glutamine has many functions and affects many different systems in our body that range from daily maintenance for health to optimal recovery from training or sickness. It has a strong influence on our bodies ability to fuel white blood cells which are essential for fending off virus and disease. White blood cells aren’t where glutamine stops when it comes to our immunity though, it also fuels our intestinal activity by supporting cell health and growth. It is shown to not just maintain but strengthen a barrier between our intestines and our body which prevents what is commonly known as “leaky gut syndrome”. And when it comes to recovery Glutamine is shown to prevent muscle soreness which most importantly allows us to sustain intensity and frequency in training we need to chase our goals! 

But wait, if we make Glutamine already and can find it in real food then why do we need to take it? Well, like most supplements involving proteins and amino acids, yes we produce them naturally, yes we can find them in real foods. But are we getting enough? Because our bodies are constantly at work fending off potential illnesses, digesting foods and maintaining gut health we are at times low in glutamine. When you add in training hard for results or competition then what do we have left to help us recover or reduce soreness? Not much is the common answer. Unfortunately when we don't have enough glutamine in reserve we have to take from protein stores like muscle that could be used to help us perform. 

Our Rebuild Glutamine is prescribed to take daily, especially on training days or when feeling under the whether or under high stress. It has 5 grams per scoop and each bottle has 100 servings! Due to its ability to increase recovery time and decrease muscle soreness we suggest its best used when stacked with Rebuild Creatine and Replenish (Carbs). A study showed ( that Glutamine combined with Carbs decreased the blood marker of fatigue during 2 hours of running. Considering the potential benefits Rebuild Glutamine is a no brainer when it comes to daily use whether your goals range from training for life or competition. It can help you train at high intensities more often and reduce muscle soreness all the while aiding in keeping your health in line with food digestion, absorption and general immunity. Add it to your next FNX order today!