Reburst Intraworkout

It is almost here, SPRING! And while it technically is spring now, you actually know what I mean, warm weather! With warm weather brings more outdoor activities and many of you reading this will be signing up for some of them yourself. I’m talking marathons, half marathons, 5k’s, Tri’s, Ironman’s, Ultra’s, Spartans, Mud Runs, the list goes on and on. It is the season of outdoor activities. As we transition to being in the sun more, we tend to lose more sweat not just in training but in everyday life too. Most of the world simply submits to drinking more water, which is partially the right thing to do, but it isn’t the only thing necessary to thrive when it comes to performing or even living at a high level. 

When we sweat in the gym or outside we lose water, yes, but also electrolytes. We lose sodium, potassium and magnesium. It is extremely important that as we hydrate, we make sure it is with a balance of electrolytes as well. If we sweat and work hard, then simply replace our sweat with plain water then we are simply diluting our body. This is far from beneficial and can even become dangerous (look up hyponatremia). In order for us to optimize the way our muscles forcefully contract and even relax we must keep our electrolyte levels topped off. Not only that, but in order for us to continue to pump oxygen rich blood through our muscles at an efficient rate we must prioritize our hydration with these electrolytes, specifically sodium, so that our blood doesn’t become more viscous or thicker. The thicker our blood becomes the harder it is to pump through our bodies and because that is what delivers oxygen to our muscles, we are in trouble especially when it comes to a drop in our performance. 


So what should we do then? Well, plan your hydration. Know that as the weather gets warmer it is a time you’ll sweat more inside and outside and plan to have a water bottle with you, almost at all times. But we suggest not just having plain water in it all day. Prior to and during training we have created a powder that will allow you to optimize your training and your hydration that you can mix right into your water. Reburst is our intra-workout electrolyte and carbohydrate blend that also includes essential amino acids. This delicious drink has more electrolytes than Gatorade and a much lower ingredient list. Here are some basic suggestions we make for those who will have a healthy, active and even competitive summer:

This is a prescription for people exercising at moderate to high intensities, and is the prescription for the full day:

1 Hour in the gym: 1-2 scoops

1 Hour outside of the gym: 2 scoops

1 Hour + in/ outside the gym (blend): 3-4 scoops 

90 minutes  + outside the gym primarily: 4 + scoops 

**If you know you are a heavy sweater and still only train indoors or train only an hour, you may still need to consider higher ends of the prescription.**

As you take Reburst you will notice an immediate increase in energy, alertness and over time will be to hold optimal power outputs in your activities. This product isn’t simply designed to be used when the weather is warm as most of our ambassadors and staff use it all year on a daily basis around our training. But this time of year specifically must take everyone's focus and priority to proper hydration not just for health, but also for performance.