Reinforce your heart health

Benefits of NO2 and vasodilation on our heart health and blood flow. 

Many of you may know that we have a stimulant free pre workout, but did you know it can potentially improve your heart health? No, it’s not a prescription and I am not a doctor, but we have created a unique “pump” complex that allows you to get great pumps/ workouts without the caffeine. So what makes it so unique or special? 

Nitric oxide. Have you ever heard of it? You may have heard this compound referred to as NO2. It is a vasodilator that opens your veins and allows for faster  nutrient transport and better blood flow throughout your whole body. The training benefits are a great pump, and also an ability to deliver red blood cells where they are needed, faster. Red blood cells help transport oxygen to your fatiguing muscles and allow for more constant and intense training when reaching a point of fatigue. This is why Reinforce is great for both athletes who are chasing size and strength or general stamina and endurance, it allows for more work to be done with less rest.

But heart health, what’s up with that? It turns out that when people struggle with high blood pressure a vasodilator can be used to help alleviate lowering that pressure. It may help people lower their overall blood pressure due to the expansive nature of the NO2 and how it opens up or dilates the veins. The same properties that allow our athletes to train harder for longer are the same properties that help optimize their health. If lowering blood pressure is a possibility, this magic elixir can also improve blood flow throughout the entire body, which means even the “nether regions”. These are the same ingredients that are often used to enhance blood flow to reproductive tissues when they are struggling to receive the proper “flow” to “get things going”. Fellas, look no further if you are in need of a fuller or more “excited” experience… the gym of course.