Restart your Mind, Build your Body

Mornings are an important time for most of us. It is a time of productivity, critical thinking, problem solving and execution. If you have children, like me, then it’s even more critical. I have to establish the patience and mental clarity to show them some attention and love but also be on my way to work or prepping breakfast for them before I hit the office in the basement. The point of my candor and the commonality we all share is that we often wake up, and the day is going 100 miles per hour before we’ve even taken a deep breath. This leaves very little time for us to fend for ourselves when it comes to breakfast as a meal or prepping our favorite kind of coffee (for both enjoyment or even just pure energy). But wait, we haven’t fed our bodies in over 10-12 hours and could use some nourishment, especially protein. All these things considered are exactly why we designed Restart, our unique morning protein. 

I love a good breakfast taco, or omelet in the morning for my protein and carbs and really love a great cup of coffee for energy and focus (my preference is pour over or french press at the moment) but all of that simply takes too long! I have time for that maybe 2 days a week, but I can’t just skip the fuel and the energy I need. On days I’m in a rush Restart is my savior. Our Restart protein is designed with 22 grams of protein (equivalent of 3 eggs roughly) and it’s low carb (only 4 grams total). I will admit those traits aren’t hard to find in protein powders, but the biggest separator is the “Wake and Thrive” complex that Restart includes. This complex is comprised of green bean coffee extract, green tea extract, yerba mate extract, theobromine, thiamine HCL, and L-Theanine. When we designed this morning protein blend we didn’t intend on providing users with just protein and energy, we wanted to help them with their mental clarity to help improve cognitive performance. The “Wake and Thrive” complex ingredients has provided just the right balance of stimulation for energy and also the nootropic brain activation for focus and productivity. When I take Restart in the morning I basically feel like I have super powers (I’m using it right now to type this article at 7:00AM), it’s my version of work performance enhancers!