Retaliate Against Muscle Loss

With our newest product, we now have a complete line of products that specifically aid in your ability to synthesize muscle protein. Retaliate is an HMB product that initiates muscle protein synthesis and helps you recover faster and increase muscle mass. HMB is hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate which is a naturally occurring metabolite of leucine. So when we ingest BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) we create HMB as we digest leucine. It’s great that we get it naturally, but we actually don’t create enough to move the needle with MPS (muscle protein synthesis). This is why, if you are serious or currently focused on gaining muscle size and strength, we must supplement with HMB to get the gains! 

Retaliate in combination with Revolt (phosphatidic acid) will maximize all of your protein intake plus all the work you are putting out in the gym! HMB and phosphatidic acid both have positive results on muscle protein synthesis and optimize it when taken either before or after your training and even better, both. Taking 1 capsule of Revolt and drinking your Retaliate prior to your training will set you up to metabolize BCAA’s and optimize what happens to your muscle tissue as you train on a cellular level. Then follow up your training with another capsule of Revolt and wash it down with a double scoop of Refuel and you are set up to maximize all things muscle mass for the rest of the day or night. 


Getting big and strong is much more than the products you put in your mouth, and we acknowledge that. To get good results, it takes hard work, time, patience and more hard work. But if you are hoping to maximize that hard work, and if you are looking to get as big and strong as you can as fast as you can then Retaliate against muscle degeneration and stock up on our HMB!