Reviving Muscle Gain

Hard gainers, your dream has come true! What is a hard gainer? Well if you don’t know what one is then you are probably not one, but by chance you’ve just been living under a rock I’ll define it for you. A hard gainer is someone with a high metabolism, someone struggling to gain lean body mass and even body fat at times in the quest to do just that. You see, surprisingly not everyone can just pack on a few pounds by accident or even on purpose for that matter. If you find yourself in this category or even in a place where your goal is to optimize your performance, recovery and ability to pack on lean body mass, I have some amazing news for you. You can revive your gains or begin your journey to achieving gains with our natural testosterone booster Revive.

We designed Revive with the intention of creating something that is natural yet effective. We didn’t want to create an artificial form of hormone booster that actually injected hormones into your body. So, no, this is no hormone replacement product. When you take those kinds of products or receive those kinds of treatments it can affect your body's ability to produce and create its own hormones down the road, we don’t want that. We had a vision of combining what we know about naturally present substances that can help promote and maximize the use of the hormones that you already have in your body. This allows your body to function normally, continuing it’s journey to actually produce hormones and not be thrown off. Taking Revive also allows you to know that everything you are putting into your body is legal and not associated with any hormone manipulation. Our natural testosterone booster allows your body to be more efficient with your personal testosterone production. 

The focus on vitamins E, B3 and B6 promote the increase of testosterone naturally in the body. This combined with our addition of minerals such as chromium, zinc and selenium help minimize cortisol levels. High cortisol levels negatively affect the way cells can use testosterone, so as we focus on minimizing that stress hormone the body can use the testosterone being produced more freely! This coupled with hard work and good sleep can spur along lean body mass and allow for increased fat burning! Anyone looking to increase their general fitness can benefit from all of these effects of Revive!

I personally love this product. It is one that only after about 2-3 days of consistent consumption you can actually “feel”. Now, how you actually “feel” it differs from person to person. But it is very common to feel and notice more energy both inside and outside of the gym. Better recovery day to day is often listed as feedback and this is primarily in reference to muscle soreness. The most common description is that when people wake up in the morning they feel more alert and awake and ready to go! And last but certainly not least we get lots of feedback acknowledging an increase in libido or sex drive for both men and women. 

 Hard work matters, sleep matters, nutrition matters, but so do hormones. If you find yourself struggling to gain muscle mass, low on energy, struggling with recovery, or hitting a plateau with fat burning goals then Revive is for you. This product is both for men and women, ladies use the same hormones to build muscles, keep muscles and burn fat as men do!