Rise Collection

We are going through some difficult times. Many of us are struggling. We are all experiencing something for the very first time. Even the oldest of our parents or grandparents haven’t experienced anything like this before. With this virus has come a lot of life struggle. The struggles range from losing loved ones, contracting the illness personally, losing a job or getting laid off, being locked in your home alone with no one to connect with, not having someone to watch your children while you go serve our world working at a hospital, no toilet paper, food shortages or low selection, the list goes on and on. My point is that we are all going through something and to a degree, some sort of challenge.

At times like this our focus and energy must continually be set on gratitude. Find things that you have or things you can do that make you happy and grateful. At the very least you have the ability to read this article today and you have breath in your lungs, some lost that ability this morning. As sober and simple as it sounds, this is the key to true happiness. It takes work, it takes practice and more importantly it truly takes maturity, over time you’ll understand that the more we focus on what brings us joy, we become joyful. The point of this article isn’t to transform your mindset but I do hope it acts as a source of consideration as you read this. 

As a company we want to be a light of encouragement. Our “LiVE” program has been just that for thousands of our ambassadors as you have helped us donate almost 300,000 gallons of water to villages in Ghana that don’t have access to clean sources. At a time like this we want to remind everyone that we will RISE and as a community, a country, and as a world we will become better from this. We will RISE from the ashes that this pandemic has left in its wake and we will be something greater, something new!

We bring you the RISE collection of T’s and Crop tops that stand for our journey back to a new way of life. Whether we like it or not things will change and be different. But we know that through the inspiration of people like you and the hard work of many others we can be better because of it. Join us in representing the RISE from this circumstance and be an encouragement that the world needs. We hope that when people ask you what it means or stands for you can be clear in expressing that this is our goal, that this is your goal every single day. To be something more and to RISE above what we once were. Just like any other product you purchase from us as a company, we will be donating a gallon water for each T-shirt or crop top sold!

Join us and represent! (Inventory is limited)