Self Defense: Why your Immune System Needs More Support

Self Defense: Why your immune system needs more support than ever!

Here are some truth’s. 

We are tired of distancing. 

We are tired of masks. 

We are tired of not being able to hangout with our friends, go to restaurants, movies and every other inconvenience that Covid has provided. 

I don’t say any of this as if it is unnecessary, I truly want to help protect the unhealthy from getting this disease and minimize the number of cases. But, I’m also over this and can’t wait until life is back to normal. But I also have some more harsh truth’s to share with you as we do. 

We’ve been cooped up in our homes, we’ve had very little exposure to sickness, germs and other humans in general. This lifestyle leaves us seemingly healthy but we are not. Our immune systems have weakened. When we don’t get the exposure to the flu's, the cold’s and seasonal viruses that come and go, we become very sensitive to them. With that said, as things get back to normal (as we all hope and pray they do) your health and the state of your immune system should be more of a priority to you than ever. 

Ways to make sure you are doing your part to protect yourself from getting sick with anything the moment our country starts to open up may be more simple than you realize. 

  1. Get more sleep. Sleep quality is a huge factor in how tolerant or intolerant we can be when it comes to coming down with any time of sickness. 
  2. Train or at worst get more active! Ideally this takes place outside as the weather makes a turn for the better in the months to come. Physical activity is a stressor that strengthens your body, muscles, joints but also your immune system! And if you can be outdoors in nature, soaking up as much vitamin D as possible while you are at it, that will also help your case for defense! 
  3. Eat real food. Eat more fruits and veggies. Keep your diet to things that are in the original form they are created. This means avoid processed foods that are baked and colored and treated to get “turned” into something edible and avoid “added sugar” to anything. Have it very little and only on special occasions. 
  4. Take Immune + on a daily basis. We designed this product to strengthen your immune system and create a barrier between you and your next bout with a virus, flu, or cold. One of the secret ingredients in this product is our Immunell. This ingredient is derived from yeast extract. It is naturally found in foods and it supports cellular regeneration, reinforces our gut barrier (to let good things in and keep bad things out), and increases our immune response. This product is designed to be taken daily and not create a dependency or weakened immunity without it. It works so well that with awareness of exposure to any kind of virus or infection you should double the dosage for the  next 2-3 days to prevent incubation. If the virus does take hold then the increased dosage will shorten time to recover and optimally reduce severity of symptoms! 

So while we are all excited for the times ahead, creating new norms while we get back to our old ways of life, don’t go backward. Keep going forward and keep elevating the ways you are investing in your body, your mind and ultimately your health. Keep rising.