So You Want To Inspire, Educate, Teach?

There is a good quote I know of that you should consider first. It goes something to the extent of, “Not many of you should be teachers, my friends, for you know that we who teach will be judged more harshly than all others.” -This is a loose quote from the book of James in the Bible but its far from a “religious" quote. 

I don’t type this up today to call you out, but if you feel like I’m talking to you then I am. We are in a time where anyone can say or post anything and have an audience. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, as now we have so much information at our fingertips that it can both steer us down a terrible path or one of prosperity both monetarily and by happiness. What I urge you to consider is what YOU share. Do you believe in what you post? And further more do you actually live out what you post? To me hypocrisy is the most dangerous form of leadership. Today it may fall in the lines of people posting things that they “think” others want to hear, or things they think will get a good response on social media. You see, some people are out for the “likes” and the “attention” not to actually create real world change and or influence others to be a better version of themselves. Watch out for these people, do all their posts or all their advice actually reflect the life they live and the things they say? If it doesn’t, these are the people I’m telling you to not become and to watch out for. 

You may be thinking, well jeez, this isn’t so motivational Adrian?! Well, not all of the best advice feels or sounds good. Truth and quality education is often as humbling as a really good training session, it exposes weakness or things that need attention. Sometimes we need to hear hard truths. I personally think that people can be outright careless with their ability to influence others and it has to be brought up from time to time. My goal isn’t to motivate emotions and feelings but rationale and heart felt change that will force you all, and myself included, to think twice before acting. Even if you have a platform of 100 people, there are eyes on what you post. And if you aim to inspire and stand for something greater, you should then in fact always be the first to take your own advice. Stand by what you call others to stand for, this is when we will have the leaders we should and the people empowered then to follow them. 

Be set a part by actually living out what you suggest to others. Do you encourage hard work? Sacrifice? Risk taking? Good nutrition? Training smarter not harder? The list goes on. We will continue to rise up and live in victory by holding ourselves accountable to the life we often encourage to others. Keep putting first things first, be true to yourself. How can you go in this area this week? Having a son whom is just over a year old keeps this on the front of my mind. What kind of man do I hope he grows up to become, should I tell him? Or should I show him? Actions speak louder than words.